Dairy Reports

Why Milk Protein (MPC85) ?

In milk manufacturing factories, department of production’s priority is to produce standardized and high quality product. In order to achieve this, raw materials should be standardized.

In Turkey, ratio of fat, protein ve lactose in milk differs from season to season. Therefore, milk, as a raw material should be standardized before being processed. For years, fat ratio in milk has been standardized only but recently protein standardisation has been started in dairy sector and finally final product is standardized. It is decisive that  the balance of fati protein and lactose in milk provides high quality final product.

Average Components in milk (should be) :

Protein: 3,2-3,4

Lactose: 4,6-4,7

Fat: 3,4-3,5

It is crystal clear that to catch the sustainable dairy prıdcution standarts in European Union, the ratios should be considered and balanced due to deficits in it.

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