Lysozyme, a widely-found natural enzyme with advanced antibacterial effects. This natural protein is extracted from egg white in modern biotech facilities, before being carefully purified and packaged in a range of practical formats for distribution.

Possible applications of lysozyme include

The dairy sector, where lysozyme is used to inhibit the formation of gas by Clostridium tyrobutyricum and the associated “retarded bubbling” that can take place during the maturing of firm-textured cheeses (leading to fissures, splits or air bubbles). It has been approved in this respect for use as a preservative (with quantum satis dosing) in the European Union, where it is assigned the “E-number” E1105.

When it is used in the production of wine, lysozyme helps inhibit the spread of bacterial contamination and the biological decomposition of acids (control of malolactic fermentation) that can lead to unwanted aromas. It is also often used to reduce the required amounts of SO2.

Lysozyme furthermore shows great potential for use in the human-healthcare and veterinary sectors.
Lysozyme allows OVOBEST to widen its range of high-quality egg-based raw materials to meet needs that are not necessarily limited to the food sector.

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