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Deep impact to Milk price

To keep the prices high Ministry of Agriculture got involved to the school milk project. With the spring the manufacturing increased so the prices decreased. Despite of the tender cost the prices got decreased and the Ministry of Agriculture found a solution in school milk project.

Milk price increase will be reflected on shelves !!

With the august the price on the milk was increased. Despite of milk manufacture reduction the demand to this product is high. With the reason of this demand the price will rice up to 12% and it would reflect to the shelf prices.

Rising Health sector in Turkey !

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2011 will be tough for MPC and Rennet Casein!

Legal difficulties have been put in practise while importing MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate) and Rennet Casein due to demand of Ministry of Agriculture. Increase of milk prices have been shown as the reason.

Why Milk Protein (MPC85)?

In milk manufacturing factories, department of production’s priority is to produce standardized and high quality product. In order to achieve this, raw materials should be standardized….. (read more)

Stopped import of SMP !

By the beginning of March, Foreing Trade and Ministry of Agriculture decided to stop import of SMP to Turkey !
Rapid drop in milk prices and the abundance shown as the reason.

Milk Powder & Protein prices are increased!

Milk powder prices increased around 35%-38% due to unstable conditions in milk market after big demand of Algeria,Russia,China and unexpected flood in Australia ! Milk protein and Rennet Casein price are more over expectations and out of control now ! Observers say: “Prices will not come down till to 3.rd quarter.”