Why we do ?

Milk – Magic Food !

Milk is a product of nature starting with green grass, clear water and healthy cows. We have always marvelled at the wholesome goodness and simple nutrition provided by milk.

Whether we seek stronger bones, higher immunity, healthier hearts or lower weight, milk has all the building blocks for a vital and healthy life.

Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are the major source of calcium in our diet and also provide other essential nutrients important for growth and development.

Dietary Guidelines-all around the world recommend two or three servings of dairy every day.

Important nutrients in dairy

  • Calcium
  1. Important for bone formation and maintenance of strong healthy bones and teeth
  2. Has a role in reducing blood pressure
  3. Important for normal muscle and nerve function
  4. No other source of calcium can be absorbed as well by the body – the other nutrients in dairy foods help the absorption
  • Protein
  1. Dairy protein is high quality protein- provides all the amino acids essential for good health
  2. Promotes growth and development
  3. Increases satiety (leaves you feeling fuller for longer) – may help in weight management
  4. Important for immunity
  5. Enhances muscle development and strength
  6. Essential for tissue repair
  • Phosphorous
  1. Essential for formation of strong bones and teeth
  2. Vital role in the blood, nervous and enzyme systems
  3. Works with B vitamins to release energy from food.
  • Potassium
  1. Important for nerve impulse transmission
  2. Assists with blood pressure control
  3. Part of many enzyme systems
  • Magnesium
  1. Helps calcium absorption and retention
  2. Important part of mineral structure of bones and teeth
  3. Important for transfer of energy around the body
  4. Essential for all cells in the body
  • Zinc
  1. Helps overall growth and development
  2. Important for wound healing
  3. Maintains healthy immune system
  • B Vitamins
  1. Helps release energy from food
  2. Important for healthy eyes and skin
  3. Provides energy to maintain daily activities
  • Vitamin A
  1. Maintains healthy skin
  2. Important for proper visual and immune function


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