What we do ?

We distribute a range of natural ingredients made from milk that are tailored to the demanding needs of today’s consumers and manufacturers.

This enables the creation of a wide range of products and applications.

Through careful engineering, milk and whey proteins can be used to create products with the  texture, and nutrition consumers want. Dairy proteins have a clean taste and allow labelling that attracts health-conscious shoppers.

Our protein products provide exceptional nutritional quality as quantified by measures such as the protein efficiency ratio, protein digestibility corrected amino acid score, and biological value.

You can find out more about our milk and whey protein range through the following product descriptions.

Whey Protein Concentrate

We distribute WPC manufactured by Fonterra in NZMP-branded whey protein concentrates.

Whey protein concentrates are highly functional and nutritional ingredients, manufactured from fresh whey by membrane filtration processes.

They are suitable for use in a variety of applications such as yoghurts, beverages, dairy desserts and meat systems. They also provide a superior source of protein fortification for nutritional products and infant food.

Whey Protein Isolate

We also distribute isolates which manufacture the ClearProtein range of ingredients.

Whey protein isolates are the purest form of concentrated whey protein (greater than 90 per cent concentrate). They are low in fat, lactose and minerals. As well as being highly nutritious, they are extremely functional.

Whey protein isolates are suitable for low pH nutritional beverages, dry mix beverages, clear beverages, nutritional bars, protein fortified food, and sports nutrition products.

Milk Protein Concentrates and Isolates

We sell MPC and MPI in Turkish market by Fonterra, Cremo, Vitalus Westland etc. branded milk protein concentrates and milk protein isolates.

Milk protein concentrates and milk protein isolates are manufactured by membrane filtration through which dairy proteins are isolated from fresh skim milk. They are rich in bound calcium, have excellent heat stability and emulsifying properties, and a natural milk flavour.

Milk protein concentrates are ideal for a large range of applications, including infant formula, adult medical foods, enteral foods, weight management products, liquid nutritional beverages, cheese products, cultured foods, powdered dietary supplements, and sports nutrition products.

Dairy Protein Crisps

We import dairy protein crisps by Fonterra manufactured in NZMP-branded.

Dairy protein crisps are a crispy, crunchy, protein ingredient containing 60% protein.

Dairy protein crisps are an excellent way of delivering the nutritional benefits of dairy protein with a novel, crispy mouthfeel into bars and snack food products. The ingredient is particularly suited to general nutrition, sports performance and weight management applications.


We also import acid casein and rennet caseins by Kerry, Dairy Gold, Erie and Fonterra.

Acid casein is produced by the controlled acidification of pure, pasteurised skim milk to pH 4.6. Acidification is achieved by the addition of a mineral acid or lactic fermentation.

Rennet casein is produced by the controlled precipitation of casein from pure, pasteurised skim milk through the action of rennet.

Casein is suitable for making nutritional foods and processed cheese. Casein also has a long history of use in non-food applications such as paper and cardboard coating, adhesives, leather tanning and plastics.


We import all types of caseinates manufactured from natural milk and milk powderrs.

Caseinates are made from acid casein. Variants include sodium, calcium and potassium, or combinations of these. They are water-soluble.

Caseinates are highly functional proteins, suitable for a wide variety of applications including nutritional foods and beverages, food bars, soups, sauces, whipped toppings, bakery products and cultured foods.

Total Milk Protein

We sell in Turkish market total milk proteins.

It needs a proprietary process which isolates both casein and whey from skim milk, and also delivers the functional performance of caseinate. Total milk proteins have the added benefit of enhanced nutritional value from both casein and whey proteins.

Total milk proteins are suitable for a wide variety of applications including nutritional foods and beverages, food bars, soups, sauces, whipped toppings, and bakery products.

Whey Powder

We will distribute special whey powder for body-buildings with our import of standard whey powders.

Whey powder is produced by spray-drying crystallised whey. It has a low protein content, but is high in milk minerals and lactose.

This ratio makes it useful for infant formula, confectionery and baked food.

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